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What Type of Smart Electronic Door Locks is Suitable for My Door?

What Type of Smart Electronic Door Locks is Suitable for My Door?

There’s nothing scarier than panicking when you realize you forgot to lock your front door. Even the toughest security system becomes obsolete when the door is unlocked, which coincidentally is how most burglars get into homes. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a door lock that minimizes the risk factor.
Different types of doors require different types of smart locks.

If you’re looking to replace the door locks in your home, regular Smart Door Locks are perfect for you.
But you need to confirm the following aspects before choosing:
01 Deadbolt: Basically, the deadbolt of the smart lock does not match the deadbolt of your traditional lock, so you need to consider whether you want to replace the previous deadbolt?
02 Hub: Some smart locks need to use a hub to link the smart lock and the Internet.
03 Control protocol: The smart lock and the Internet and APP need a control protocol to complete the communication.
04 Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is the most popular form of smart lock communication because WIFI is installed in almost every home.
05 Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a mesh technology and a relatively common form of communication. It doesn’t need a hub, just make sure the phone has power.

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If you want to replace the door lock of the factory or installed important equipment, the Intelligent Inspection Door Lock is recommended for you.

01 Simple and convenient. The lock has no power supply, no wiring, and no maintenance.
02 Anti-prying. The lock has no mechanical holes, just two metal contacts on the lock face.
03 Keys cannot be copied. Globally unique 64-bit ID identification code.
04 One key can open multiple locks.
05 Permission assignment. According to the needs of unlocking management, assign unlocking authority to the key.
06 Switch locking record. Who, when, and where unlocks, the responsibility goes back to the individual.
07 Blacklist function. After the key is lost, the blacklist function cancels the right to unlock the key.
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