What Type of Access Control Lock Is on ATMs?

As one of the important auxiliary equipment for the banking business, the ATM is usually 24 hours to provide convenient and fast deposit and withdrawal services for everyone.
For ATMs, the normal operation of the equipment can only be guaranteed when the safety of the equipment is guaranteed so that all-day services can be provided.
Therefore, as the safety eye of ATMs, the choice of locks is self-evident.


What are the commonly used security locks on ATMs?

Round Lock
It is mainly used in the outer baffle and the cash box of the ATM. The round lock cylinder used by the ATM is not a common mechanical round lock. The difference is mainly reflected in the lock cylinder, which is more secure and is not easy to be copied. When picking locks, some can realize the function of one key to open multiple locks.

Electronic Code Lock
It is mainly used in the bezels of ATMs. In addition to single code unlocking, some code locks are also equipped with personnel cards, which require personnel card authentication before entering the password; the password is not only a fixed password but also a PIN code. Alarm or lockout, also equipped with personnel threat and disassembly silent alarm function.
Wheel-Type Combination Lock
It is similar to the safe combination lock. This combination lock has a high degree of precision and is not easy to be recorded without being blocked. At present, few ATMs are using this type of lock.

Vanma Smart Passive Electronic Lock
√ Unlocking is more flexible and controllable. Compared with traditional lock systems, passive electronic locks can control who unlocks and when.
√ Responsibility goes back to the individual. Switching locks requires authorization, and records are uploaded to the software, so it’s clear who unlocked the lock when and where.
√ Free from damage. There are no mechanical holes on the surface of the passive electronic lock, only two metals are electrocuted, which will not be cracked by the technical lock, avoiding the potential problem of being picked up.

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