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What to Look for in High Security Locks for Doors?

What to Look for in High Security Locks for Doors?

People have a growing need for security in both private and public areas. As one of the important tools to protect people’s privacy, locks are developing in a direction of many functions to meet more requirements. With so many locks on the market, how do you choose the one that meets your needs? Take a look and find the right lock!

residencial door
commercial door

Residential Door

The requirements of residential doors for locks are mainly strength and security.

  • Lock Cylinder Complexity

This is mainly for mechanical locks. The more complex the cylinder, the less likely it is for criminals to pick it up. If you choose keyboard door locks or locks with no keyhole, you don’t need to worry about this.

  • Metal Content

The strength of a lock depends in large part on the amount of metal in its composition. You can usually judge the metal content of the lock by holding it in your hand, or checking its manual, heavy metal usually means stronger, so it is recommended to choose a lock that contains heavy metal.

  • Bolt Strength

In addition to the metal content of the lock, you also need to consider how much force the bolt can withstand. You should at least make sure that the bolts of the lock can withstand most bludgeoning attacks: sledge hammers, battering rams, kicks, shoulder strikes, etc. If the bolts don’t have sufficient strength, these bludgeoning attacks can cause the bolts to bend or break, and the lock loses its protection completely.

But there are also other attacks, such as criminals using hacksaws or reciprocating saws to break bolts, even if the bolt has good strength, it is not enough. If you’re concerned about this risk, it’s worth choosing bolts that are cut-resistant.

  • Access Control

Even for residential doors, some people hope that it can limit unrelated people from entering the residence. Common ways are key cards, key fobs, mobile access using smartphones or a keypad. These methods can meet the needs of limiting unrelated personnel from entering the residence.

But if you want to limit some people from entering the house at a certain time, mobile access using a smartphone is the best option. You only need to set the unlocking time for these people that have unlocking permission in the management software. It can simply meet your needs.

Commercial Door

The requirements of commercial doors for locks are mainly strength, durability, higher security and manageability, just a few more considerations on the basis of residential doors.

  • Durability

Commercial door locks need to have a good ability to withstand the external environment, such as extreme weather, bad application environment and so on. In the case of smart locks, since they need a power supply, you need to choose a lock with a long battery life, otherwise you will take a lot of extra costs.

  • Unlocking Record

Commercial doors have a much higher demand for security than residential doors, and it is not enough to limit access to unrelated people. Since the management of commercial doors is often associated with many people, this increases security risks and complicates management issues. It is necessary for such companies to choose locks that can record unlocking information, including unlocking person and time, etc. If there are many unlocking places, it is necessary to record the unlocking place, which is very beneficial to the companies’ security and management efficiency. When an accident occurs, the unlocking record is the basis for your accountability.

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