What to Look for in a Security Padlock?

Security padlocks are used to padlock out specific equipment or machinery or even entire areas during preventive maintenance or repairs. They are an integral part of industrial security measures and are equally important in any environment with heavy machinery or electrical installations.

Security padlocks are used for only two reasons:

  • To prevent theft.
  • To prevent unauthorized access to areas or items.

Security padlocks are impenetrable and more effective at restricting access than security tags and other purely visual indicators that may not attract attention.

To enable you to make a smarter purchase and investment, we’ve summarized these 5 aspects to help you determine whether a padlock is a cheap and unreliable option or a secure and sturdy one.

The first thing to consider is the material and size of the padlock and key. You need to make sure the padlock is a great size for added security and that the key has as many pins as possible. Choose carbide or alloy steel locks for the best security. The better the metal, the more secure the padlock. Be sure to choose a thicker metal, such as alloy, but don’t worry about its lighter weight, as this is not always an indication of its strength.

Next look at padded shoulders, as the thicker the better. Also known as a padlock sleeve, any metal covering the padlock sleeve adds an extra layer of metal that must be cut or removed to open the padlock. In this case, the padlock maintains more protection, less access and less coverage. Also, if you have a hardened plate called an anti-drill plate, you will find that the drill will not penetrate, which means better security.

closed shackle lock

A common bypass for locks is the washer filling of the shackle, which can also happen without a ball bearing. Shackles also have a different release method that affects security. This means that if you need to release the shackle on both ends instead of one, the criminal will have to spend more time cutting, which can save you time and slow you down.

The cylinder of the padlock is an important part of being able to stay secure. The key is inserted into the padlock cylinder and the various pins on the padlock will play an important role here. You need to focus on these 2 areas: how many pins are there and what type of pins they are. The more pins there are, the more difficult it will be for someone without a key to pick.

Finally, keyed padlocks are preferred for protecting keyed areas, if you are protecting something that does not require a high level of protection, you can use a combination padlock (no key required and no keys lost). Combination padlocks have a lower level of security than keyed padlocks, because when working with wheels, you can usually figure out their mechanism due to mechanical resistance.

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