What Lock is Safer to Use in a Prison

Heidding Prison in Berlin, Germany, was forced to replace 600 locks after an intern sent a photo of a cell key to a friend via a messaging app. These keys are easily copied by experts, leading to mass jailbreaks. Prisons usually use high-security padlocks, but these locks are easy to copy and there are a lot of keys in the prison to manage, there are many security risks, so “high-security padlock” does not seem to be completely safe.

high security padlock

JWM’s new passive electronic lock can provide a complete lock management system to effectively solve this type of problem.

What is a Passive Electronic Lock System?

Vanma passive electronic padlock, its appearance is similar to a mechanical lock, but with a standard smart lock cylinder embedded in it, it is a high-security padlock with an information task management function.

Padlock structure

Unlike mechanical locks, smart padlock unlocking requires a “smart key“. When unlocking, the key powers the lock. The use of strict digital encryption technology and wireless communication technology makes it impossible to unlock technically. The key solves the aforementioned problem that the German prisons need to replace a large number of keys after the key has been copied.

1.Lock to install and set the operation is simple, according to the management requirements free matching unlock privileges.

2.The electronic key uses the system software to uniformly set the authority to unlock the corresponding door lock, and use it within the effective time of the authority.

3.It could realize one key to unlock multiple locks, more efficient and scientific management.

What is Vanma lock

How to manage keys?

Managers can manage locks, keys, and staff information through management software. It is clear who unlocks the lock when and where, and traced the responsibility to the individual.

1.Key management: Set the unlocking authority and time limit for each key, set the time limit for withdrawal and return, and bind the individual user at the same time.

2.Unlock record: The unlock lock record is clear at a glance, the responsibility is assigned to the individual, and the management is easier.

management software

Metal padlocks are no longer high-security padlocks. We need to replace them with new and safer locks to reduce the occurrence of security accidents and strengthen management efficiency. For prisons, airports and other places, the cost of such locks will not be higher. Lots of metal locks.

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