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What Kind of High-Security Padlocks Do You Need for Containers?

What Kind of High-Security Padlocks Do You Need for Containers?

We are often asked what the best padlocks are for shipping containers, especially those with lockboxes. Shipping containers are not all the same, which makes this question difficult to give an easy choice.
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Passive electronic lock

This is an access control system with management as its main purpose. Unlike traditional mechanical padlocks, passive electronic locks are an intelligent lock management system that can realize information storage and access control. There are a variety of high-security materials to choose from to meet customized needs, whether it is a hardened steel padlock or a closed shackle padlock. Vanma can provide solutions. It is IP67 rated, so it is weather resistant and has a high level of dust and waterproof function. This means it is the perfect security solution for shipping containers.

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Detachable Shackle Type

These are high security safety locks, you can remove a small flat head screw on the side of the lock and, when unlocked, allow the shackle to completely disengage from your body. This screw is just a set screw, so it can be removed permanently without compromising the security of the padlock.

Once the padlock is unlocked, remove the shackle and place your hand inside the lockbox so you can slip the shackle over the accessory. Then push the padlock body back to the bottom of the shackle and lock the padlock. The entire padlock should now be on the fitting inside the lockbox. 

Closed Shackle Steel Padlock

The hidden shackle design is one of its best features. It prevents bolt cutters from getting close to the shackle. Given that this is the first place a potential thief will try when trying to get into your container. Speaking of the shackle, it’s a 15mm wide hardened steel covered with a nano-protective coating. The hardened steel body of the padlock is up to 80 mm wide. It is chromed and has the same protective coating as the shackle. Therefore, this ensures its extremely high corrosion resistance.

Warehouse/Shutter Padlock

These padlocks have straight clasps instead of the typical U-shaped clasp found on many padlocks. This means you simply align the padlock with the ring inside the closed lock box and slide the shackle closed.

You still need to measure to check the fitting (usually a metal ring) to make sure it fits within the gap of the padlock. Check the diameter of the padlock shackle so you know it’s not too thick to fit through the hole in the locking ring on the container fitting.

Another thing to check is that the keyway and shackle extrusion are on the same end of the padlock so you still have access to both when mounted to the container. The keys and shackles of warehouse/Shutter padlocks usually work on both ends, which means they are not suitable for use inside a lockbox on a shipping container. 

Smart Padlock

Maybe now you’re thinking about how to improve container security. The Igloohome smart padlock has 2 easy-to-use access modes. The first is to use the iloohome app and bluetooth. This means you can unlock it just by using your phone. The second method is to use the numeric keypad and password. This is set up via the easy-to-use Igloohome app for iOS and Android.

Container and Truck Safety Tips

When using only padlocks to lock your shipping container, it is best to use closed or concealed shackle padlocks, disc padlocks, integral or bolt locks. This prevents the most obvious bolt cutter attacks, as it hides the chainsaw’s shackles and hinders lever attacks. This makes it impossible for any would-be thief to attempt to pick, saw or cut the lock on the padlock.

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