What Is the Security Padlock for Telecommunication Towers?

Today’s new crown epidemic is ravaging the world, the economy has been hit like never before, and a large number of businesses have gone bankrupt. Under the heavy pressure of life, social crimes and people’s rebellions have increased.
Vandalism of public facilities has become one of the ways for people to vent their anger. Telecom towers, as one of the critical infrastructures of the country, are likewise targeted.

Telecom tower

The Common Pain Points Are As Follows:

1. Theft. Theft or destruction of copper cables, cellular base station batteries, diesel fuel, fiber optic cables, valuable equipment for sale, liquidation, resulting in equipment failure, service interruption, property damage, etc.

2. Personnel access cannot be authorized flexibly. If anything happens on-site, the tower company will be required to explain the details and know who is responsible for what happens, so ensuring that restricted areas are only accessible by authorized personnel is sensitive and critical.

3. Access management is complex, with infrastructure and sites shared by multiple enterprises, contractors, and operators. There is often a significant cost in time to complete the necessary access.

4. Erosion from natural disasters. Due to the location, is often corrupted by hurricanes and various weather extremes, so the material requirements for telecom tower security equipment are important.

power tower


1. Reduce the chances of theft. (Reduce the chance of vandalism.) For example, surrounding security doors, security grilles, and rooms containing fuel, cable boxes, and expensive equipment, use locks that cannot be tampered with and whose keys cannot be duplicated, thus reducing the chance of being opened.

2. adding control elements to the original security system of the telecommunication tower, adding the function of personnel access rights to ensure that each access to the information to the individual.

3. add layers of access rights, each layer, between each department to operate the management system through different accounts, thus eliminating the need for people to flow back and forth, through the online completion of the common management.

4. Increase the requirement of product material to resist corrosion and cope with extreme weather.

Vanma Passive Electronic Lock
(mechanical lock + intelligent key + management software)

1. There are only two metal contacts on the lock face, avoiding being opened by technology like traditional mechanical locks. Passive electronic locks have no mechanical holes, thus eliminating malicious unlocking by others.

2. The key can be assigned unlocking privileges according to the unlocking management needs. Permissions include the list of locks that can be opened by this key, the holding user, and the date and period of unlocking. It is truly traceable to individuals.

3. Different departments can manage their departmental users and locks independently, and each department can also be managed independently in turn downward, realizing online cooperation.

4. Passive electronic lock is a full metal shell, rugged waterproof, shockproof, anti-interference, dustproof, and waterproof grade IP68. and lock no power supply, wiring-free, maintenance-free, suitable for a variety of environments, and a wide range of applications.

vanma type of locks

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