What’s the Most Secure Wireless Padlock in the World?

Traditional wireless padlocks are usually divided into mechanical wireless padlocks and smart wireless padlocks, and they are widely used all over the world. They are so popular because they are lightweight, easy to use, and can be easily carried anywhere. But for industries with high security needs, neither lock is suitable.

mechanical padlock
smart padlock

A mechanical wireless padlock is strong and affordable, but has the following disadvantages:

  • Because it has a keyhole, which is easy to be picked.
  • Too many keys are difficult to manage, which greatly reduces management efficiency.
  • Once the key is lost, the lock has to be replaced, which increases the cost.
  • Unable to identify the person who unlocked the lock.

A smart wireless padlock can limit the entry of unrelated people, and there is no keyhole that can prevent technical unlocking, but it has the following disadvantages:

  • It needs battery power, which needs to be replaced on time, increasing costs and work.
  • Poor waterproof performance, the biggest precaution for smart padlocks is to be waterproof.
  • Unable to record unlock data.

Therefore, to guarantee the security of important assets of companies, the most secure wireless padlock needs to make up for these shortcomings.

Vanma has designed a new type of smart wireless padlock. After thousands of internal improvements, it finally makes up for the shortcomings of the above two padlocks, and at the same time has their advantages. It has been put into application in various industries: power, communication, logistics, warehouse and so on.

How does Vanma smart wireless lock solve these problems?

  • Vanma smart wireless lock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. It has no keyhole and can resist technical lock picking. Its mechanical body is of security grade 6, which is waterproof and drop-proof.
  • One smart key can unlock multiple locks, even if the smart key is lost, there is no need to replace the lock, just add the key to the blacklist, which can reduce maintenance costs and improve management efficiency.
  • It can limit who and when to unlock the important doors. At the same time, the key can record the person and time of unlocking, and managers can view these data in the management software at any time.
  • It does not need battery power, reducing maintenance costs.
smart padlock

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