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What's the Development Trend of Lock Management?

After analyzing the causes of security accidents in the past three years, experts found that they were mainly caused by human factors, hidden dangers of equipment, imperfect operation procedures, and weak supervision. Human factors have always accounted for a high proportion of accidents

Therefore, in security management, both the improvement of operating procedures and equipment factors are important means to reduce the accidents caused by human factors. JWM launches Vanma smart lock system to help companies manage their locks at a higher security level.


How does Vanma smart lock system help companies manage their locks?

Intelligent Management
  • Record Data.

The traditional method of picking up keys adopts paper registration, which can only rely on the consciousness of employees, and can’t form a data record for traceability management. 

Vanma smart lock system realizes the recording of picking up and authorization of the key through the management software, and electronic key can record the data of employees, time, and place of locking and unlocking in the working process. 

  • Blacklist

When the key is lost, people can add it to the blacklist, even if someone picks up the key, the lock can’t be unlocked. 

  • Utility

Managers can set time and authorization for locking and unlocking according to different responsibilities. One key unlocks more locks and more keys unlock a lock. 

  • Lock Reminder

In order to avoid potential security risks caused by not locking, the Vanma smart lock system has designed a function of locking reminder. If the lock is not locked for a long time, Vanma Lock APP will receive an alarm message to remind the employees which lock is not locked,  and then they can lock it in time.

Materialized Management

All information on equipment, locks, employees, and permission is entered into the management software, which realizes that all of them are connected to the management center in real time. Management center can control the working status of the equipment, employees, keys, and locks anytime.

Materialized management also provides security guarantee for managers in dealing with emergencies, and managers can dispatch employees nearby and temporarily and remotely authorize for unlocking.

Data-based Management

Through the management software, the information on daily locking and unlocking and equipment maintenance is collected and analyzed, and the analyzed data is used to improve safety management. The unlocking scope, permission, and time of employees can be adjusted so that the employees can finish the daily inspection work more efficiently and simply.


In the Internet Era, high-tech equipment and system can help us greatly prevent the occurrence of security accidents, passive smart lock system replaces the traditional mechanical lock system and ordinary smart lock system, which is an inevitable development trend in lock management.

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