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What is pelican case lock?

The Pelican case is a very durable luggage, the main feature is that it is sturdy and airtight. Pelican boxes are mainly used for outdoor travel, outdoor sports, or to transport valuables. Pelican boxes have very few snaps, and are usually equipped with a padlock for higher security.

pelican case lock

Types of Pelican Box Locks

Cable Combination Lock

The edge keyhole of the pelican box is usually relatively small, and there are certain requirements for the thickness of the lock. The lock of the cable lock is a flexible steel cable, which can be well adapted to the requirements of different Pelican boxes.

metal pelican case lock

Steel Beam Combination Padlock

Steel beam combination padlocks are used in the same way as ordinary metal padlocks. The only difference is that the lock is unlocked and closed with a digital code. Reduced the hassle of using keys. Because whether the key is lost or copied, it may cause huge losses.

steel beam pelican case lock

Features of Pelican Box Lock

1. Flexible Locking Beam
Cable locks or curved steel beams are more suitable for the design of the Pelican box.

2. Easier to Use
Simple operation with mechanical lock, strong and durable. Small size and easy to carry.

3. Keyless Management
The Pelican box lock adopts the digital password control switch lock that comes with the lock body. No need to carry keys. Avoid key theft and other security risks.

Pelican Box Lock Upgrade Program

The latest solution is the electronic pelican box lock. A collection of mechanical lock bodies, Vanma cylinders and Vanma lock systems.

Electronic Pelican Lock Features

Smart Electronic Key Unlock
A special encryption code that cannot be deciphered and the key cannot be copied. The unique blacklist feature of the Vanma lock system can instantly revoke all access to lost keys.

smart padlock with key

Access Control & Responsibility Traceability
The administrator can set the access rights of the patrolman, including the accessible area, the specific number of locks, the accessible time period, and the personnel.
Unlocking/closing the lock will form an exportable data report. Managers investigate patrols and trace responsibilities based on data.

vanma electronic lock

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