What is Key Access Control?

Key access control refers to storing and managing user information, setting access rights to prevent unauthorized visitors, storing access personnel information, and recording operation behaviors to improve access security. Key access control has a wide range of uses, such as government document storage rooms, computer rooms, important industrial workshops and warehouses, bank financial institution lockers, and more.

Proximity Card Access System

Types of Key Access Control

There are many modern key access control methods, such as 125kHz proximity cards, Keypad Access System, fingerprint or face recognition. Different access mode applications need to be combined with different occasions.

Proximity Card Access System

Proximity card systems are the most widely used access method in public places. The proximity card can be used as a work card and a proof of identity. Proximity cards use 125kHz technology, which also serves as a credential for access control.

Card Access Control System

Smart Card Access System

The smart card system is more secure and uses enhanced 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card technology that provides identification, authentication and storage of information on the card thanks to the microchip and memory embedded in the smart card.

Smart Card Access System

Biometric Access System

The biometric access control system stores human information, such as fingerprints, corneas, and faces, and is a method with a higher level of security. Because the information of the human body cannot be transferred and replaced, it has unique access.

Biometric Access System

Vanma Smart Key Access Control System

The Vanma Electronic Access Control System is different from the above access control methods, relying on the intelligent lock management system, electronic locks and electronic keys to complete the unlocking management. Vanma electronic lock system is mainly used in communication, chemical industry and urban infrastructure management. The personnel information stored in the electronic key forms a special code to identify the identity of different personnel to complete the authorization. The electronic key records and uploads the operator’s personal information and operation tasks.

Vanma Smart Key Access Control System

Advantage of Vanma Lock

1. Vanma Lock Body is Stronger

Vanma lock body is made of 304 stainless steel, the lock body has no gap, and the anti-destructive ability is stronger. Ordinary key access systems are often made of hard plastic, making it difficult to control vandalism.

2. Vanma Lock Require No Wiring

Due to environmental restrictions, it is impossible to connect the power supply anytime and anywhere in the communication, chemical industry, railway and other industries, so the above access control system cannot be applied.
The Vanma smart lock system requires no wiring. When unlocking, the electronic key and the electronic lock are docked to charge the lock body and maintain operation. The unique design of the Vanma electronic lock can save you a lot of money.

3. Vanma Electronic Lock Waterproof

Moisture and rain are the main damaging factors for electronic locks. Vanma electronic locks have the highest protection level for electronic equipment – IP68, which can well adapt to outdoor temperature and moderate changes.

In Conclusion

Key access control system is a fundamental access control solution and a cost effective way to help ensure the security any facility or area. At the same time, different methods are required according to different application scenarios. Vanma electronic locks are the best choice for outdoor access control due to their outstanding features.
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