What Is an Intelligent Passive Electronic Lock?

Security issues in the retail industry can cost companies billions of dollars each year. Risks in the retail industry usually appear in two areas: data breaches and physical theft. In order to properly protect your business, you must first understand the risks involved.


When entering the Internet era, information, security, and data are gradually being valued by various industries. The management of locks in various industries has also become increasingly prominent. It is particularly important for the safe operation of equipment if the installation position, unlock record, and unlock time of thousands of locks are completely recorded. It is against this background that smart+passive+lock is linked to lock management in various industries.

What Is an Intelligent Passive Electronic Lock?

Composition of intelligent passive electronic lock system: passive electric lock, intelligent electronic key, management software.

Smart passive electronic lock has a unique ID that cannot be copied. It does not need wiring or power supply but is powered by an intelligent electronic key. After the intelligent electronic key is powered, the unlocking and locking are realized through encrypted communication, and the ID number of the lock, the corresponding unlocking time, and locking time are recorded.

An intelligent passive electronic key is the core of the entire intelligent passive lock management system. It is not only unlocking but also an important role is to record the relevant data of the lock and upload it to the management software to realize the unified management of the lock. At the same time, it also realized the opening of multiple locks.

Intelligent passive electronic lock system management software, with the actual work process as the core of development, has integrated key work time limit and authority management from the task work order, and passive electronic lock data management is suitable for lock control management in various industries.

Main Application Scenarios of Intelligent Passive Lock

Periodic inspection of tower base stations, maintenance management of various cabinets in the power system, management of high-speed rail protective fence doors and locks, management of various cabinet switches in the rail transit industry, lock control management of safes and ATMs in the banking metal industry, Lock control management of valves and cabinets in the water industry, lock control management of valve room pump room in oil and gas industry, etc. The intelligent passive electronic lock not only realizes the big data recorded by the unlock of the lock but also effectively supervises the traveling inspection personnel.


Most of the safety issues will be taken seriously by more people only after the accident occurs, and real safety management should focus on taking precautions. If advanced technology is used to manage people and things completely and form a closed loop of management. Today, the JWM intelligent passive electronic lock system completely solves the unified problem of people, keys, locks, and management.

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