What is an Electronic Cabinet Locking System?

Electronic cabinet locking system are the general term for electronic locks used in cabinets. It includes electronic combination locks, passive electronic locks, etc.

Usually, what we call IC card locks and ID card locks can also be collectively referred to as electronic locks. If it is used in cabinets, such as filing cabinets, sauna cabinets, lockers, kitchen cabinets, etc., it can be called electronic cabinet locks.


1. The electronic cabinet lock is activated by a high-strength engine gear and has a fully automatic unlocking.
2. There are various styles of electronic cabinet lock keys, novel in style, and the card core is waterproof and heat-proof.
3. The electronic cabinet lock is installed firmly, and the installation process is simple and flexible.

Electronic Combination Locks

An electronic combination lock is an electronic product that controls the operation of a circuit or a chip (access control system) through a password input, thereby controlling the closing of a mechanical switch and completing the tasks of unlocking and locking. characteristics are as follows:
cabinet combination lock

1. It has good confidentiality and a large number of codes, which is far greater than that of a tumbler lock. The success rate of random unlocking is almost zero.
2. The password is variable. The user can change the password frequently to prevent the password from being stolen, and at the same time, it can also avoid the decrease of the security level of the lock due to the replacement of personnel.
3. When you enter the password incorrectly for several times, the alarm system will start automatically.

4. Electronic combination lock operation is simple, the elderly and children can easily operate.

Electronic Passive Locks

A passive electronic lock system usually consists of a lock, a smart key, and management software.
The passive electronic lock is an electronic lock that uses an electronic lock cylinder to replace the original mechanical lock cylinder based on retaining the original functions of the mechanical lock, to realize the management function.
The smart key is a handheld device that stores electronic lock information and operation authority information. It is composed of electronic contacts, memory chips, circuit boards, batteries, etc. Realize the operation of the electronic lock. Automatically record the operation information and operation time of the electronic lock.


1. The lock body integrates a smart chip, the lock body is passive, and the key supplies power, and completes two-way identity authentication when unlocking.
2. The lock body adopts a standard size design, which is fully compatible with the installation method of traditional locks.
3. The passive design of the electronic lock does not require a power supply and communication wiring, and the installation is simple and convenient.
4. The electronic lock password is recorded in the electronic key, and the electronic key cannot be copied, which ensures the safety of the lock wholeness.
5. The electronic key adopts process-based authorization management to strictly control the operating authority and operating time of the electronic lock.
6. The electronic key automatically records the operation content and operation time of the electronic lock, which strengthens the supervision of on-site operation.
7. The management system establishes a unified user authority system, strictly implements the electronic lock business setting process, and realizes the accurate statistics and analysis of information.
8. Custom setting of the electronic lock process, according to the customer’s business specifications and needs, you can set the electronic lock by yourself

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