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What is a High-Security Cylinder?

The application of locks is very wide, whether it is at home, in companies or factories. Locks can protect our property safety, so the security of locks is very important. We all want a high-security lock, so what kind of lock can be called a high-security lock? It needs to meet the following conditions:

Lock material

The metal used to make the lock is very important. Lightweight locks are useless in terms of security because they cannot withstand strong impacts. So a broken lock made of cheap metal or plastic is pointless, even though it has some security in place to prevent it from being picked or drilled.

Vanma Euro Cylinder Smart Lock

Lock can’t not be picked
Mechanical locks usually are very easy to pick without key. Some lockpickers can easily open a lock with just a few lengths of wire. Therefore, high-security locks should avoid the lock from being picked as much as possible.
Key cannot be copied
Accidents happen in everyone’s life. Smart people will keep this in mind and have some spare keys on hand to avoid the hassle of being locked out. Concerned about security, this is an ineffective way to protect your locked door. Each key has the potential to allow criminals to obtain the keys and gain access to your home or office.
Therefore, it is wise to have as few spare keys as possible. But what if you lose your key and someone makes a copy of it before returning it? In this case, you need to protect the key from being copied.

Vanma smart lock cylinder can meet these conditions:

1. There is no keyhole, so the lock is not easy to pick
2. Zinc alloy material, the lock is very strong
3. Unlock with electronic key, cannot be copied
4. The size of the lock cylinder is the same as that of the traditional mechanical lock, and it is easy to replace


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