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What is a Glass Cabinet Lock?

Glass cabinet lock is a kind of portable lock that is widely used in business, home and public venues, adding style and security to three-dimensional cabinets and showcases with glass doors, such as jewelry display cabinets, watch display cabinets, wine cabinets, and museum showcases.


Types of Glass Cabinet Locks

According to different ways of use, there are four main types of glass cabinet locks as follows:

Single Glass Cabinet Lock

The installation position of the single glass cabinet lock is fixed, the bottom edge of the glass door. There is only one sliding glass door, the other is fixed. The glass door slides to the bottom and overlaps with the metal base, and the latch pops out and inserts into the base to close the lock.
When sliding the glass door, the deadbolt will always wear down the bottom of the cabinet. So a simple slide can be made to protect the glass case and lock.


Double- Glass Cabinet Lock

Glass cabinet door lock, does not work with sliding door display cabinet. Need to drill holes at the position you want to install the lock before installation.The main components are metal cabinet locks and metal bases. The lock tongue of the cabinet lock is inserted into the base to complete the closing.
Cabinet Lock is designed as U-shaped buckle. The same precision fine work at the bottom, add a solid base, stable installation.No drilling is required and the edges of the glass door can slide. Protect glass doors from damage.


Sliding Glass Cabinet Lock

Sliding glass door locks, also known as ratchet door locks, consist of a lock body and a ruler-shaped metal sheet. The ratchet door lock is very convenient to operate. There is a spring device inside the lock, and the lock is always closed. Adjust the clearance of the cabinet door as needed to push the lock position.
Easy to install – slips on edge of glass door at any location (no boring required). Perfect for single glass door display cases, trophy cases, and retail cases. Able to lock multiple retail display cases with one key. 


Push Button Lock

The principle of push-button lock is similar to that of double-glass cabinet locks. Both glass cabinet doors slide. A lock and keyhole are installed on the coincident edges of the cabinet doors. When locked, slide the glass door to the bottom of both sides of the cabinet, and use the key to unscrew the latch and insert it into the key hole.


How to Install a Glass Cabinet Lock

Installation Steps:

  • Mark for the holes
  • Drill two holes according to the mark
  • Put on the part and tighten the screws
  • Slid the lock body on the edge of glass, put on the plastic pad, tighten the screws

When you buy a set of glass doors to install, the merchant will provide a complete set of accessories. The plastic pad can be removed to fit the glass thickness, if the glass door is too thick.


The ultimate purpose of glass cabinet locks is to increase security. The above four locks are good choices for retail and home.
If you need a higher level of lock security, electronic locks are better. It authorizes the management of unlocking personnel, stores and records unlocking information, and effectively controls access.
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