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What Characteristics Differentiate the Vanma Smart Lock from Other Locks?

Although there are many types of locks in market, they can typically be divided into two types: mechanical lock and smart lock. Vanma smart lock combines the advantages of both of them, it not only has the high protection level of mechanical lock, but also has the high security of smart lock.

mechanical lock
smart lock

What’s Vanma Smart Lock System?

System Composition

Vanma smart lock, smart electronic key, management software.

Working Principle

Vanma Smart Lock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. That only can be unlocked after the password verification is successful by the smart key. During this process, the smart electronic key automatically records the data of locking and unlocking. After the work is over, upload the data in the electronic key to the management software, which can form a data record for traceability management.

passive smart lock system

Following are the Main Characteristics that Differentiate the Vanma Smart Lock from Traditional Mechanical Lock and Ordinary Smart Lock:

Permission Management

Managers can set permission of place, time, person of unlocking and locking according to different responsibilities, which provides higher security for companies.

Can: ordinary smart lock and Vanma smart lock

Can’t: traditional mechanical lock

lock authorization
Record Management

Record the data of the working process, including place, time, person of unlocking and locking, and upload the data to the management software, which can form a data record for traceability management.

Can: Vanma smart lock

Can’t: traditional mechanical lock and ordinary smart lock

Key Management

One key unlocks more locks, more keys unlock a lock. Lost keys can be added to the blacklist and can no longer unlock any locks, which can solve the problem of too many keys to manage.

Can: Vanma smart lock

Can’t: traditional mechanical lock and ordinary smart lock

key management
There are many types of Vanma smart locks for different application scenarios, they can be divided into padlocks, cabinet locks, handle locks, round locks, fire door locks, U-shaped locks, cable locks, valve locks, manhole cover locks, etc. We support customization for companies that have special needs.
If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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