What Are the Security Locks Commonly Used in ATMs?

ATM is one of the important equipment for banks. To provide convenient and fast access to cash services, they usually need to run 24/7. For banks, the only way to ensure uninterrupted operations is to ensure the security of ATM machines.
Therefore, banks and other institutions take the security of ATM machines very seriously. As the eye of security for ATMs, the choice of locks used is crucial. So, what are the commonly used security locks on ATMs?

ATM machines

So, what are the commonly used security locks on ATMs?

Cam Lock

cam lock
Most banks are using conventional mechanical key locks in ATM machines. Banks usually replace their locks because of lost keys. While this leads to high costs and inconvenience, the ease of operation of traditional locks has made it difficult for them to abandon traditional lock systems.

One-time Code Lock

Threats to ATM security continue to increase worldwide. High security is necessary for ATM machines. One-time code locks require two forms of authentication when unlocking. And administrators can download audit events at the touch of a button. This mode of operation greatly improves security and makes the managers reassured.

Vanma Lock System

As a flexible, traceable, controllable, key-centric access control system, Vanma Lock System enables flexible authorization, one key to unlock multiple locks, and the prevention of key duplication. It has been widely used in telecom, petrochemistry, the power industry and etc.

Working with management software, not only improves security but is also very easy to operate

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