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What Are The Benefits of Electronic Padlock?

What is electronic padlocks?

Electric padlocks are a new and improved way to ensure the safety of assets and personal safety.
Electronic padlock system could replace your traditional lock in life or work. When you use electronic locks, maybe you will be able to control the lock remotely as well as monitor whether they are unlocked or not. Also, maybe you can unlock them by using a mobile application, fingerprint or face. And maybe you could also review the unlock records. In a nutshell, the electronic lock has realized a lot of functions which the traditional never achieve, they really brought a lot of convenience to our life.

How does it work?

Electronic padlocks work just like traditional locks. The lock works with a system of a latch and a bolt. Usually, traditional locks and keys work with a pin and tumbler system where the lock cylinder is held in place and the key turns them and moves the lock a certain distance, then the door is opened. In the absence of a key, it takes a certain amount of skill and time to open it.

The one thing different is the electronic padlock could work with something called the actuator, which moves the bolts of the lock into place so they can open the door. When we want to unlock the electronic padlock, one thing we need to do is trigger the actuator.

What are the benefits of Vanma electronic padlock?


Safety: Vanma electronic padlock is burglar-proof. When the key is lost, we could add it to the blacklist, and then it doesn’t have permissions to lock or unlock.

Easy to replace: The installation of Vanma electronic padlock requires no door alteration as they simply replace the existing mechanical padlock with the custom service.
replace lock

Widely used:

Each electronic padlock comprises an electronic lock cylinde and an IP68 shell. This design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including trucks, warehouse doors, containers, telecom site, security gates, jails, garage doors, scenic spots, etc. Even in harsh environments, the Vanma electronic padlocks could also perform well.
lock workflow
Application of electronic padlock

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