Weatherproof Outdoor Access Control System

The access control system has become one of the important means for enterprises to protect their company’s property security. For enterprises located indoors, there are many options for access control systems. But for enterprises whose assets are located outdoors, the options for access control systems will be greatly reduced, such as water utilities, telecommunications companies, power companies, etc.

For these companies, they all face the same problem: no power supply. Usually, water utilities, telecommunications, or power companies serve tens of thousands of people, which means their factories cover a large area, sometimes not even in one area. With ordinary mechanical locks, it would be difficult to ensure security, but with an access control system that requires wiring, it would cost a lot of extra money. So, the access control system must not require power.

In addition to this, they faced another problem: bad weather outside. That is to say, the chosen access control system must be strong and durable, can work well in extreme weather conditions, and must be waterproof which cannot be short-circuited when exposed to rain and snow for a long time.

outdoor locks

Vanma's solution:

  1. Passive electronic lock
    Vanma access control systems use passive electronic locks, which means that no wiring is required during installation, which will save companies a lot of money. Its installation method is very simple, just like installing a mechanical lock, the whole process only takes three minutes, so it will not delay the normal work of the enterprise.
  1. IP5 high protection level
    The protection level of the Vanma passive electronic lock is IP65, and it will not short-circuit even if it is exposed to rain and snow for a long time. And it can work in the temperature from -40°C to 70°C, whether it is winter or summer, it can work normally.
  1. Flexible authorization
    Managers can set the permission of place, time, and person of unlocking and locking according to different responsibilities, which provides higher security for companies.
lock authorization
  1. Record
    The Vanma smart lock system can record data during the work process, including the location, time, and personnel of unlocking. And upload the data to the management software to facilitate traceability management.
  1. Key management
    As long as the key is authorized by the manager, this key can open multiple locks, and employees do not need to carry a large set of keys with them when they go to work, but only need to carry one key, which is more convenient. In addition, even if the key is accidentally lost, it does not matter, because the Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function, the lost key will not have permission to open any locks after being added to the blacklist.
key management

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