Vanma Smart Locking Solutions:
Enhancing Efficiency And Safety In Power Supply Of Railway

Electricity is of paramount importance in maintaining the smooth operation of railways. It is the lifeblood that powers trains, drives signaling systems, and supports various critical infrastructure components. Without a reliable supply of electricity, the entire railway network would grind to a halt, leading to disruptions and inconveniences for passengers and freight.

Challenge: Multiple Cabinets Makes Key Management Difficult

The high power demands in the railway industry require a significant deployment of distribution cabinets to ensure electricity distribution across the railway network, station facilities, maintenance depots and etc.

These numerous distribution cabinets require regular maintenance. Maintenance personnel face the challenge of carrying multiple sets of keys, resulting in low efficiency and difficult key management.

Solution: One Key for Mutiple Locks

Vanma smart locking solutions allows flexible authorization for electronic keys. Maintenance personnel can have access to multiple power distribution cabinets that need to be maintained with one single key to ensure the power supply of the railway.

Challenge: Low Work Efficieny Caused More Risks in Railway

Power problems in the railway industry can cause service interruptions, communication failures, and safety risks. Prompt resolution is essential to minimize disruptions and ensure passenger and personnel safety.

Once power outages or other unexpected situations, maintenance staff must return and bring facility keys to access. This process may cost much time and lead to more risks.

Solution: Temporary Access Permissions

When there is a problem with the power supply, the maintenance workers can apply to obtain temporary access without returning to get the equipment key, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Challenge: Enabling Tracking of Locks&Key Status

Managers must ensure the safety of the railroad infrastructure, they need to check whether locks have been locked or keys have been safely returned. They have limited insight into the status of traditional locks and keys, making it challenging to ensure the secure and proper management.

Solution: Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Vanma smart locking solutions provides audit trail. Management system will record all the access actions of the operator and form a complete audit report. In addition, customized services can be provided according to the security needs of customers. The status of locks and keys can be shown after software modification.

Vanma has not only greatly improved the efficiency and safety of railroad power supply, but also provides customized solutions for many other industries. 

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