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Vanma Smart Lock System Protect Your School

During the school shootings and terror threats, school safety has never been so important. Schools must ensure the safety of children and faculty, and prohibit outsiders from entering the school. The Vanma smart lock system is protecting the school through innovative features to reduce the pressure on principals.

Recently, Vanam Smart Lock has completed a security upgrade for a college. There are 2,000 students and 300 faculty members on the campus. Previously, they used old mechanical locks, which was difficult and time-consuming to manage. And when the key is lost or not returned, it is necessary to replace the lock and reissue the key. These costs are prohibitive. In addition, the college also manages the use of the employee parking lot and the school and end time.

The principal has been looking for innovative solutions, and finally, he learned about the Vanma smart lock system under the recommendation of others. It can provide flexibility and safety and is a good return on investment for the school.

Vanma Smart Lock System Protect Your School

Passive Electronic Lock

Vanma smart lock is different from ordinary smart locks on the market in that it does not need to be connected to the power supply during installation. This makes it very easy to replace more than 100 doors.

Flexible Authorization

Vanma smart lock system can set the unlocking time of the key, and the key will not be able to unlock any locks on other time. This makes it easier to manage the school’s gate opening time.

Like all other schools, the college rents out their sports and conference facilities. Vanma smart lock system makes third-party access easier. When someone rents the facilities of the college, the administrator of the school will set the authority of the key so that the door can be unlocked only during the rental period.


For the college, one of the most troublesome things is the increased cost caused by the loss of the key. No need to worry after using Vanma smart lock. Because it has a blacklist function. The manager only needs to add the lost key to the blacklist, and it will not have any permission to unlock it. Therefore, there is no need to change the lock even if the key is lost.

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