Vanma Smart Lock System in Electrical Substations

An electrical substation is a part of the energy industry. At the same time, many matters need to be paid attention to when selecting or installing the access control system in the substation.

Electrical Substations

Requirements for Access Control System:
1. The lock can be used even in extreme weather.
2. The system can record the unlock records and the lock can’t be destroyed easily.
3. The system can set specific rights.

Vanma’s Solution:
1. Protection level is IP65

There is a lot of equipment in substations, often forming a linear structure of tens of kilometers. And all are located outdoors, facing rain and snow.
Vanma passive electronic padlock’s protection level is IP65.
Even in extreme weather, it can work normally. More importantly, Vanma’s locks are powerless and do not require wiring. The key provides the power and access authority to open the door.
2. Record lock/unlock information and stainless-steel lock

Energy sites may be the prime target for large-scale attacks looking to compromise the country’s economic potential. The electrical substation happens to be one of the main goals. They will attract various saboteurs, including urban explorers (urbex). They not only expose themselves to huge risks, but they may also severely disrupt the quality of service and challenge the ability of the substation to perform its duties.
To deal with this situation, the substation decided to choose an access control system that can record switch lock information. At the same time, choose a lock that is not easily broken.
Managers can view the lock/unlock information by using the Vanma smart lock system. This feature allows the security administrator to accurately verify the activities of each user. At the same time, the system will also display the time of failure to unlock or close the lock, which can trace the responsibility to the specific employee.
3. Flexible authorization
At energy sites, access to certain areas must be restricted to qualified staff. This is the case at electrical substations where the most sensitive areas are off-limits except to officers with the necessary electrical.
Vanma smart lock system is suitable for this situation. Because in the system, the administrator can set unlock permissions. For example, this key can open all locks, or can only open locks except the core area.


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