Vanma Smart Lock Simplifies Daily Operations

Work Heights is a collaborative space office. Before Vanma smart locks were used, they had always used traditional mechanical locks as their access control system. But with the growth of members, it is obviously not suitable to continue to use mechanical locks.

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Before using Vanma smart lock, how do you manage your space?

With the increase in the number of members and the expansion of the venue, it is not sustainable to continue to use the traditional mechanical lock to manage the space. With the expansion of the venue, each member will have three or more keys in his hands, which need to be tried when used, which is a waste of time. In addition, the key is easy to lose, and it is impossible for the manager to change the lock every time.

Vanma smart lock can use one key to unlock multiple locks, and each member only needs to carry one key. The key will determine whether the lock can be opened based on the granted permissions.

And Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function. If the lost key is added to the blacklist, it will not have permission to unlock any locks.

How can Vanma smart lock system help you?

It simplifies many things. Access is easier to manage than before because you can simply authorize or revoke permissions. This saves my energy and allows me to focus on other businesses.

And our members have different levels, and only paying members can visit certain places. It professionally solved the embarrassing situation that my community manager had to explain to a member that they would not have access to it before receiving the payment.

"After a rough estimate, I saved about 1.5 hours for each member, which is really important. I also benefit from providing various access levels at different prices, linking prices to membership levels, and making allocation and implementation become It's easier. This is something that ordinary mechanical locks can't do."

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