Vanma Smart Lock Protects Central School District Security

The Central School District is located on Long Island and contains seven campuses: one high school, two middle schools and four elementary schools. The entire campus contains more than 5,000 students and more than 800 employees. After the management department evaluated the mechanical locks used inside the campus buildings, they decided to convert them to district-wide electronic lock access control.

Central School District

The reason why Vanma smart lock system attracts school district leaders is that they hope to reduce the time cost of replacing keys and the security risks associated with losing keys. At the same time, they are tired of having too many keys. Because there are too many campuses, leaders need to carry different keys during inspections, which is very inconvenient for them.

“I used to worry that after changing to a smart lock, if there is no network or power failure, the lock will not work properly. As it turns out, I worry too much. Because the Vanma smart lock does not require the Internet, and its lock does not need time. Power supply. Only when we need to open the door, we use the key to power the lock.”

Vanma smart lock can use one key to unlock multiple locks. This solves the problems of managers very well. The manager only needs to set his own authority in the system to be able to open any lock. Then when he inspects, he only needs to hold a key.

Vanma smart lock system has another function: blacklist. If the employee loses the key, the manager does not need to replace any locks. Only need to set the key in the system as lost state. Even if the key is picked up by someone else, he cannot open any locks.

“We are very satisfied with its management software. We have consulted other systems before, but were told that the software needs to be paid for each month. The Vanma smart lock system’s software is free, which is very important for our school districts with budget-consciousness. “

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