Vanma Property of the Water Utility

There is a proverb: Water is the source of life. It is absolutely impossible for us to live without water. Therefore, it is very important to protect the property safety of the water utility. Since water utility generally occupies a very large area, in order to save costs, they cannot choose locks that require wiring. This leads to the limited security companies they can choose from. In the end, after careful consideration, they decided to introduce the Vanma smart lock system.

Water Utility

“On average, we need to provide about 2,000 cubic meters of water to families or businesses in the surrounding area every day, so our area is very large. This leads us to not choose traditional smart locks. So, we can only use traditional mechanical locks or Vanma passive electronic locks. Obviously, we chose the more convenient Vanma lock.”

Reasons for choosing Vanma:

1. Passive electronic lock.

Vanma smart lock is a passive electronic lock. No power supply is required when installing the lock. In the whole system, the power is concentrated in the key. When unlocking, the key will release the current and exchange information at the same time, to determine whether the key can unlock this lock.

2. The key cannot be copied

The Vanma lock does not have a keyhole in the traditional sense. It has only one contact for exchanging information. This “information” is actually a 64-bit ID identification code with strong reliability and high security.

3. Record Lock/Unlock Information

Since the fire station is not used frequently, employees always neglect to check there. Previously, traditional paper records were used. Employees only need to sign, which is easy to forget. An access control system with record lock/unlock information can solve this problem well. Only when the employee actually arrives at the fire station and unlocks, the key will have a record. After the patrol, the employee uploads the data to the Vanma smart lock system, and the administrator can view the data through the computer.

4. Blacklist

When the key is lost, a blacklist can be set in the Vanma smart lock system so that the lost key does not have any permission to unlock any lock. Compared with traditional locks, all locks need to be replaced if one key is lost, which saves a lot of costs.

“The Vanma smart lock system is very simple to use. We can easily grant or forbid access rights to any user. There is very good communication about software updates. It is highly valuable. ”

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