Vanma Passive Electronic Lock Protects College Security

As one of the leading public school in Lamia, this college keeps growing and growing. But its mechanical key systems were reaching the end of their life. Then, there was a serious question: How to continue to effectively protect the security of college and students’ property. After more than ten years of practice, the school found that the physical key is difficult to manage and expensive to maintain. Therefore, they urgently need a new solution to solve this problem. The school sought a solution from the society, and Vanma won the bidding with a comprehensive and brief introduction. After the introduction, the school administrators can quickly grasp the usage method, even more convenient than they thought.

First, they marveled at the installation of the Vanma passive electronic lock. The entire installation process does not exceed 3 minutes and eliminates the need for wiring. This can save a lot of time and money.

Second, they do not need to buy the same number of keys as the lock. The college needs 300 locks. Including cam locks, padlocks and a small number of cabinet locks. Under normal circumstances, they need to buy 300 keys. But after using the Vanma smart lock, they only need 30 keys for all employees to use. The convenience of the Vanma smart lock is that it can open multiple locks. As long as the administrator has set the permissions in the smart lock system. This also saves costs for college.

Third, the Vanma smart lock system can view all records. Since some school locks involve property, it is necessary to view the records of the switch locks. When there is a theft, you can quickly find the person who opened the lock that day, and there will be no problem of employees shirking responsibility.

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