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Vanma New Series of Passive Electronic Locks

Vanma passive electronic locks launched a new series: C series. The electronic locks of this series are designed to meet all control requirements, and the safety exceeds your expectations.

Vanma Smart Lock has been committed to building the most reliable and intelligent passive electronic lock for many years. The new series of locks pay attention to details, use high-quality materials, and have a beautiful appearance while containing technical strength.

At present, Vanma passive electronic locks include a variety of locks: padlocks, round locks, and drawer locks, with a wide range of applications. Previously, only mechanical locking solutions (i.e., fire doors, industrial equipment factories, meter boxes, residential storage areas, and drawers) could be used. Passive electronic locks are as portable as traditional mechanical locks but have higher security, easier maintenance, and more functions.


Vanma passive electronic locks provide solutions for utility providers and specific doors that require additional protection. For example: power stations, telecommunications network services, industry applications, etc. These industries are usually located in remote areas, outdoors, and inconvenient for wiring. Therefore, they need products that can withstand extreme environments such as rain, dust, and snow. Vanma smart locks can withstand extreme weather, are waterproof and have high durability.

The main features of Vanma electronic lock:

Stainless Steel Material

Vanma’s locks are made of stainless steel and have a protection level of IP65. It can work normally at a temperature of -40°C to 70°C, without fear of extreme environments.

Lock/Unlock Records

Vanma smart lock system is divided into two parts: passive electronic lock and software. Through the type-c data cable, the lock/unlock records can be uploaded to the computer and organized into reports for easy viewing.

Flexible Authorization

The administrator can set the unlocking authority of the key in the software, including the locks that can be opened, and the allowed unlocking date and time. In an unauthorized time period, even if the employee possesses the key, the lock cannot be opened.

Unlock Multiple Locks with One ey

After authorization, the number of keys can be effectively reduced, and the problems of key confusion and difficult management can be solved.


After the key is lost, the manager can immediately add the lost key to the blacklist. In this way, the lost key will not have any authority to unlock it.

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