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Vanma Lock in Western Power Substation

Western Power Substation


The daily work of society is inseparable from the electric power supply. However, the electric power industry is a complex and huge system. There are scattered power stations and substations in remote areas, which are easy to be stolen and destroyed. These accidents may cause power interruption and serious income loss.

In addition, when it comes to high-voltage or medium-voltage equipment and cables, unauthorized access can cause environmental damage and even safety accidents. Therefore, it is particularly important to find a suitable security access control system.


In recent years, Vanma has provided security solutions for major energy and power organizations and has a deep understanding of the industry.

Considering that the substations located in remote areas lack the characteristics of power supply, the key-centric access control system provided by Vanma can provide comprehensive protection for the electric power industry. Track access records of important infrastructure, no wiring required for modification.

Solution: Vanma Key-centric Access Control System

Suitable for remote areas

The lock cylinders are passive, so they do not need to be connected to power. Instead, the key provides power and access to unlock the door. The electronic lock cylinder can easily replace the existing lock cylinder without any maintenance. This makes the remote site easier to run.

Adapt to bad weather

The access control system must be able to withstand the erosion caused by bad weather. In the Vanma access control system, the lock (lock cylinder) maintains a very high standard, and its protection level is IP67 to ensure the greatest degree of protection. Infrared induction technology is used in the electronic key, even if the surface of the lock is wet, the electronic key can also transfer the access authority to the lock cylinder. Ensure stable exchange of information between the key and the lock cylinder. In other words, a bad connection cannot prevent the transmission of information between the key and the lock.

Authorized access control

In general, some key areas of the substation are prohibited from entering, unless it is a technician who has rights to enter. Through Vanma management software, security administrators are allowed to assign access rights to specific areas for different workers. In order to facilitate real-time access control, the electronic key can be used in conjunction with the mobile phone APP to send information about its access rights to the technicians in real-time. In addition, lost or stolen electronic keys can be disabled to prevent any unnecessary intrusion.

Access audit report

Vanma Management Software can provide access to all operations performed by technicians, including complete audit reports. Access attempts outside the specified time range or outside the specified area can be obtained through the report, so as to analyze any abnormal situations.

Client Feedback

It gives me peace of mind knowing exactly when someone has accessed any piece of equipment in my operation. The system really puts some accountability into place.
Damion Soscia

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