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The telecommunications industry has developed at such an astonishing speed and has now become an important part of our daily lives. Every asset in a data center, base station, utility pole, or any other site is critical to the normal operation of the business. Service interruption will have a serious impact on enterprises and residential buildings.

With the continuous spread of COVID-19, almost all industries have presented unprecedented challenges. Under the implementation of the home working policy, it is bound to provide residents with more powerful Internet access services, which will make the telecommunications industry particularly vital.

The main impact of this breakthrough change is the emergence of more and more telecommunications facilities. However, the equipment is usually located in isolated areas, so strict access control systems are required to ensure the absolute safety of the equipment.


Solution: Vanma Key-centric Access Control System

With an in-depth understanding of the telecommunications industry and field exploration, Vanma provides a solution that combines mechanical and electromechanical, to meet all the security and access control requirements of the telecommunications industry. Its solution is designed to provide security and flexibility of access.

Access control for Telecoms multi-site facilities

The normal operation of telecoms companies involves tens of thousands of facilities, from mobile phone towers to street cabinets for the wired network.

With Vanma access control solution dedicated to the telecommunications industry, maintenance technicians no longer need to worry about accessing a large number of facilities during daily inspection rounds. After the Management Software is set up, technicians can access the right place at the right time with the unique electronic key, no longer need to carry large bunches of keys between sites, so that allowing technicians to focus their attention on the task at hand.

Authorized access control

In some telecommunications towers, access is restricted to technicians authorized to work at heights.

The Vanma Management Software allows security managers to assign access rights to specific areas for different technical personnel.

In order to facilitate real-time access control, the electronic key can be used in conjunction with the mobile phone APP to send the access rights to the technicians in real-time. In addition, lost or stolen electronic keys can be disabled to prevent any unnecessary access.

Client Feedback

It is super convenient to get this. Awesome product, effortless configure. Thanks to this solution. Our job time becomes better.
Steve Karma

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