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With the accelerated development of e-commerce and international trade today, the whole sea, road, railway, and air transportation industry must provide a complete access control system to ensure the safety of goods and personnel during the transportation process. Any interruption in the supply chain may lead to high revenue losses and dissatisfaction with customers.

Solution: Vanma Key-centric Access Control System

Vanma combines mechanical technology with electronic technology to provide high security and flexible access control solutions for the sea, road, railway and air transportation industry. Help your business improve operational efficiency, simplify key management, and control access rights.

Suitable for remote areas

The lock cylinders are passive, so they do not need to be connected to a power source. Instead, the key provides power and access to open the door. The electronic lock cylinder can easily replace the existing lock cylinder without any maintenance. This makes the remote site easier to run.

Simplify key management

A single Vanma electronic key can open a large number of locks and replace cumbersome bunches of keys.

Adapt to bad weather

The access control system must be able to withstand the erosion caused by bad weather. In the Vanma access control system, the lock (lock cylinder) maintains a very high standard, and its protection level is IP67 to ensure the greatest degree of protection. Infrared induction technology is used in the electronic key, even if the surface of the lock is wet, the electronic key can also transfer the access authority to the lock cylinder. Ensure stable exchange of information between the key and the lock cylinder. In other words, a poor connection cannot prevent the transmission of information between the key and the lock.

Adapt to bad weather

Vanma management software can provide access to all operations performed by related personnel, including complete audit reports. Access attempts outside the specified time range or outside the specified area can be obtained through the report, so as to analyze any abnormal situations.

Client Feedback

We loved everything about Vanma products. It is really nice. The locks are tough strong, but the service is soft. Super company.
Willian Ablao

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