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Vanma Joins the MLA, the UK’s Largest Locksmith Association

Vanma Joins the Master Locksmith Association

Vanma joining the Master Locksmith Association(MLA) is another step into the international market, after joining the ALOA. MLA is similar to ALOA in that both are locksmith associations with long histories. MLA was founded in 1958. It is the largest locksmith association in the UK. MLA aims to provide the public, government, and industry with the correct service and advice on safety issues from its members.


The association has high requirements for membership and has a Sold Secure attack testing house to certify product security. Vanma has undergone all of these tests. The MLA holds a number of locksmith training courses at its headquarters and also hosts Europe’s largest locksmith and security exhibition every two years at the Telford International Centre.

Vanma is an industry-leading lock manufacturer specializing in passive electronic locks with an advanced manufacturing concept. Vanma is passionate about providing better access control technology to users worldwide.

The partnership with Master Locksmith Association will expand Vanma’s visibility. Giving Vanma more opportunities to provide access control solutions to the security industry and to grow their business.

You could learn more about Vanma in MLA’s official publication, Keyways, October 2022.


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