Vanma Electronic Lock To Protect Water Security In Application In Unattended Pumping Stations

 With the continuous development of Hydraulic Engineering, modern communication technology breakthroughs,intelligent unattended pumping stations have played a pivotal role in reducing operating costs and ensuring the safety of water resources.


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Advantages of intelligent unattended pumping stations:

  1. No impact on the municipal network water supply

    The intelligent pumping station is directly connected to the water mains network, and the equipment will not affect the surrounding users.

  2. Water conservation

      The intelligent pumping station does not have the phenomenon of running, bubbling, dripping, and leaking of pipes.

  3. energy saving

      The Intelligent pumping stations are connected in series to municipal pipelines, with small equipment power and low operating costs.

  4.  Investment saving

      Smaller water pump selection, saving equipment investment

  5. Avoid secondary contamination

    Fully enclosed operation of the equipment, eliminating secondary pollution of water sources.


pump station
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Most of the intelligent unattended pumping stations are located in remote areas, where the natural environment is harsh, communication is inconvenient, construction wiring is difficult, and the requirements for the locks used are naturally high.

Vanma electronic lock

Vanma electronic lock is a wise choice.

  1. Vanma electronic Lock is made of a full metal shell. It is sturdy and durable waterproof, shockproof, jamproof, dustproof and waterproof grade IP68. It can be better adapted in places with the natural environment. There will be no traditional locks that cannot be opened because of rust.
  2. Vanma electronic lock body is integrated with a miniature electronic microcontroller, only two metal contacts on the lock surface to avoid being opened by technology like traditional mechanical locks, passive electronic locks without mechanical holes, thus eliminating the malicious unlocking of others.
  3. Smart key to open locks. Compared with traditional keys, which have a large number of keys, are easily copied, have no record of opening and closing locks, and are cumbersome to collect and return, smart keys simplify key management work, a key can open multiple locks, and all opening and closing records will be uploaded to the platform for subsequent viewing.
  4. The smart key can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and communicates with a centralized access management system via the Vanma Electromechanical Access Control System. The system combines flexibility and security, providing single-entry privileges when necessary. Thus, solving the security problems caused by unattended access.
Vanma IP68
Vanma Real-time functions

Vanma Electromechanical lock can provide products with reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, and high cost performance for water conservancy projects to protect the construction of water conservancy projects, thus escorting the security of water resources.

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