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Vanma Cabinet Locks – the Guarantee of Industrial Equipment

Vanma Cabinet Locks - the Guarantee of Industrial Equipment

Cabinet locks are locks with a handle which usually used for cabinets. As access control systems, they are installed on the front or side of the door or cabinet. The user holds and rotates the handle to unlock it. It is very convenient to use, so cabinet locks are widely used.

Different types of cabinet locks are usually used in different scenarios. Home cabinet locks are designed for baby safety. The office cabinet locks are used for the drawer to the file management. Cabinet lock is also suitable for industrial equipment, such as enclosures, electric panels, cabinets, machinery covers, street furniture, and other applications where frequent access is required

What industries are suitable for the Vanma Smart Cabinet Lock?

Smart cities: municipal infrastructure, urban rail transit, and traffic signal box all belong to the category of smart cities. VANMA intelligent cabinet lock effectively reduces urban security issues caused by device loss or Information tampered with.

Electricity industry: To prevent energy theft and ensure the normal supply of electricity, some cabinet locks are used for outdoor transformation stations, high -voltage electric boxes.

Communication industry: In the communication industry, data security is particularly important. Therefore, data cabinets and server cabinets need to be protected most, and they are usually the most used in cabinet locks.

Why choose Vanma Smart Cabinet locks?

1. Intelligent Access Management

One key unlocks multiple locks, and one lock is unlocked by many keys. Some infrastructures and sites need to be jointly maintained by multiple enterprises, contractors, and operators. The intelligent access management system makes collaborative work more convenient and improves work efficiency greatly.

2. Flexible Authorization Unlock Permissions

Managers are always concerned about unauthorized access by key holders. With Vanma smart cabinet locks, you can set who can open which locks anytime you need. Even if keys are assigned to employees in advance, there is no need to worry about access security.

3. Responsibility for Traceability

When a security accident occurs, the traditional lock management system cannot trace the accurate responsibility.

Vanma smart cabinet lock system can perfectly solve this problem:

  • When the operator is not locked up within the prescribed time after the operator is unlocked, the mobile app will issue an alarm to remind the operator to turn off the lock.
  • Unlock records: Management center can check the status of the lock and know the operator in time. Even if a safety accident occurs, it can be traced back to the responsible person in time.

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