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Types of Warehouse Door Locks

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Warehouse Padlock

For perimeter warehouse security, sometimes gates and warehouse docking stations will require the use of padlocks. The specific things you want to consider about your padlocks is that no matter how strong they are, they still need to be secured to a strong hasp or chain.

If your warehouse lock is stronger than what it is being secured to, the lock will be ignored, and the criminal will attack the weakest part of your warehouse security. You want to have a reliable set of structures, similar to what you need for something like bicycle security, so the padlock can have a strong shackle and strong lock body that is at the same level as the other materials. It is unlikely that you will use padlocks beyond your perimeter security.

Warehouse Door Handle Lock

Keyed or locking door handles/knobs are mainly used for interior doors. If you are using warehouse locks that are part of a door handle, you should accompany this lock with a deadbolt. Door handle locks do not offer much in the way of warehouse security because the lock cylinders control a spring-loaded latch. These locks can be defeated by the credit card method or by another type of feeler gauge. Door handle hardware and their lock cylinders are less likely to be targeted because most criminals will focus on depressing the spring-loaded latch.

Go to your warehouse lock and while the door is ajar, lock the door handle. You can press down on the metal latch and see that even while in the locked position, the latch will depress. No matter which way the door installed, a slim material can be used to fit between the door and the frame to depress the latch. Just make sure that you fix your door handles so they are working properly. A malfunctioning door handle can give the appearance of functionality while undermining the security of your other warehouse locks.

Warehouse Deadbolts

The main lock that a door will use for any building is a deadbolt. Warehouse security will rely very heavily on deadbolts much like any other structure. And because destructive entry is the most likely method a criminal will use to attack your warehouse locks, how much force your deadbolt can take gravely affects the success of your warehouse security. For any exterior door, you want to install a deadbolt. And if there are any doors that are being relied on for security, they should use at least one deadbolt

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