Types of Electronic Locks

With the continuous injection of high and new technology into the traditional lock, the security function of the lock has been fully extended and expanded, intelligent electronic lock has become an indispensable member of the security level security system, its status and role are no mechanical lock can be replaced.

The intelligent electronic lock is the comprehensive products which integrated with electronic technology,  circuit design, a large number of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative identification technology (including computer network technology, built-in software card, network alarm, mechanical design of the lock body) .

Intelligent Electronic Lock

The research on electronic combination locks began in the 1930s and has been used in some special places for a long time. Electronic locks have a large number of keys (passwords), which can be used in conjunction with mechanical locks and can avoid security risks caused by the imitation of keys. Electronic locks only need to remember a set of passwords and do not need to carry metal keys, which saves people the trouble of carrying metal keys, so it is appreciated by more and more people. After the 1980s, with the emergence of special integrated circuits for electronic locks, the size of electronic locks is reduced, the reliability is improved, and the cost is higher. It is still limited to a certain range and difficult to popularize, so there has been no significant progress in its research.

Button electronic lock

Press button electronic lock uses a keyboard or a combination button to enter unlocking passwords, easy to operate.

Dial electronic lock

Dial electronic lock uses a mechanical dial switch to enter unlock password. And many key electronic locks can be transformed into a dial electronic locks.

Touch electronic lock

Touch electronic lock uses a touch method to enter unlock passwords, and the operation is relatively simple. Relative to the button switch, the touch switch has a long service life, and low cost, thereby optimizing the electronic lock control circuit.

Biometric electronic lock

Biomechanical electronic lock uses the human body biometrics such as sound, and fingerprint as a password, and the computer is used to identify control unlock, and intelligence is quite high.

Passive Electronic Lock

Vanma Intelligent Lock System is designed for lock management, It with features of high reliability, high security, and informationization. The system consists of locks, keys, and software. Unlike traditional mechanical locks, passive electronic locks with a durable shell and electronic lock cylinders prevent technical oscillating. It retains the characteristics of an intelligent lock which is easy to manage and does not need wiring, easy to replace.

Electronic key electronic lock

 Electronic key electronic lock uses an electronic key or as an unlocking password. The electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. The electronic key can be composed of a component or a unit circuit composed of a component to a small handheld unit. The connection between the electronic key and the main control circuit can be a variety of forms such as sound, light, electromagnetic.

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