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Types of Access Control Lock

Locks are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices used to secure doors, windows, closet, etc. To keep your personal and your home safe. There are various kinds of locks, such as padlocks, cabinet locks, CAM locks, etc.


Type1— Padlocks

Padlocks are often used to lock doors, cabinets, and boxes. It’s almost universally applicable to anything with a buckle and eye protector. Locks are usually made in metal for security purposes and can often be found in a variety of aesthetic finishes. Padlocks are often brass for corrosion resistance but can be made from steel as well, with solid or laminated bodies.


Be widely used in logistics supervision, coordination management, container managerment supervision application, vehicle management and bulk caro teminal.


Type2— Cabinet Locks

They are often used in the industry. It can be widely used in power cabinet, industrial cabinet, outdoor cabinet, communication, network cabinet, and distribution cabinet. All metal, reasonable design of the standard structure, installed on the cabinet body that can be embedded, safe, and reliable, not easy to lose and damage.


Commonly used in power cabinets, industrial cabinets, outdoor cabinets, communications, network cabinets, distribution cabinets.


Type3—CAM Locks

The popular CAM locks are similar to CAM locks without handles, used to secure cabinet doors, etc., usually by a quarter-turn label, rotating and tensioning the door against the door frame. The CAM lock differs from the CAM latch in that it does not provide an opening device; Cupboard door must use alone pull, lip to wait to open. The CAM lock can be locked.


Be used in power cabinets, industrial cabinets, outdoor cabinets, power distribution cabinets, display cabinets, money boxes, and item drawers.


Intelligent electronic lock lock body USES stainless steel material, the material is stronger, from the security, not easy to be picked, more reliable, from the economic cost, intelligent electronic lock can be used in a variety of harsh environment and extreme weather, the service life is longer, greatly reduce the old lock body, corrosion caused by the replacement cost.

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