Type of Electronic Cylinder Lock

Electronic cylinder lock are important facilities for protecting homes and enterprises, and different types of electronic lock cylinders are needed in different industries. This article introduces the more common electronic cylinder lock on the market to help different business owners or individuals make choices.

1. Keyless RFID electronic cylinder lock
The RFID electronic cylinder lock as an access control device is increasingly important in hotels, offices, homes, and restricted areas of public buildings, either by integrating with other devices or operating independently.

  • It can be used to convert a traditional door into an electronically controlled door quickly and easily without modifying the door.
  • NFC compatible on contactless versions.
  • High security via high resistance, hardened anti-drill protection.
  • Concealed fixing screws for greater security and improved aesthetics.

2. Keypad electronic cylinder lock
The unlocking methods of the keypad electronic cylinder lock include password, fingerprint, and spare mechanical key.

  • Support for entering a virtual password, and entering a random password before or after the correct password, which makes door secure.
  • Quick installation. Can be installed on any door with a thickness of 55-105mm and has industry standard bolt holes with a diameter of 2/8″.
  • Mechanical key unlock and emergency power. The mechanical key and external power connector are spared in case the battery runs out. When the battery is low, the keyboard door lock bolt set will sound an alarm and may be controlled by the USB charging port charging temporarily.

3. Passive electronic cylinder lock
The biggest difference between the passive electronic lock cylinder and the above two electronic lock cylinders lies in the different unlocking methods. The passive electronic lock cylinder itself does not require a power source or battery, and a specific electronic key is required to unlock the lock, and the key will be used as the power supply source for unlocking. This type of lock is currently widely used in infrastructure, building protection, such as telecom, electric power, and water utility industries.

  • Easy to install without changing the lock body.
  • Support access control.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • The cylinder lock cannot be picked.

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