Three Reasons for Not Choosing Mechanical Locks

The development that locks widely applies, cannot leave the “legal system” premise. Traditional locks are no longer safe enough to cope with today’s methods of theft, and almost all mechanical locks are “unlocked” in minutes. Let’s take a look at three disadvantages of mechanical locks:

1. Poor material of lock body, poor violence resistance
Traditional mechanical lock destructive open time is too short, the lock pressure test does not pass, so you will find that when you forget to take the key, unlocks the master usually a little force, your door was “clang” unlock, at the same time, the lock cylinder was damaged

2. The key switch security is worse
Because it is to use mechanical blocking, often appear a key to unlock the N doors, that is, the coincidence is strong. Such a situation, many friends are estimated to have encountered

3. Strong replicability
If your key was lost, be picked up by the person can copy at any time, at any time can give thief bring opportunity, need not key even, the thief also can use the professional relevant tool, unlock door lock easily.

Compared with mechanical locks, smart locks play an important role in access control.

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