Theft of Electrical Equipment Is Serious? Intelligent Passive Locks Provide New Solutions for Electric Power

With the deepening of the national smart grid construction, as a modern large power grid, a management framework characterized by group operation, intensive development, lean management, and standardized construction has basically taken shape. However, the structure of the power distribution network is becoming more and more complex, with more and more cabinets, management of various power equipment is becoming more and more difficult, and the phenomenon of outdoor equipment theft and damage is becoming more and more serious, making inspections and supervision difficult.

Current status of power equipment security

(1) The number of equipment in the distribution network is huge and complex, with various types (such as switching stations, ring main cabinets, box transformers, JP boxes), scattered installation locations, and complex operating environments;

(2) Most of the locks of power distribution equipment cabinets use traditional unlocking methods, which cannot confirm the identity of the operator and cannot control and record the unlocking authority and time, and the process cannot be tracked;

(3) Power equipment operation management requires regular inspections. Due to the lack of management, operation, and maintenance personnel do not perform inspections and inspections. Once a major accident occurs, they cannot be held accountable.

Application of new intelligent passive locks in the electric power industry

Zhuhai Linghang Electric conducts in-depth research on electric power and electricity and has made a detailed record of various problems in power and electrical security. It has researched and developed a series of passive smart locks. The management software + APP authorizes the Bluetooth electronic key, and the key is opened according to the authority. Passive electronic locks, while collecting and saving records of each lock operation. This kind of lock has no power supply, each subdivision has a unique ID code, the information is shared to the big data platform in real-time, and it has the function of storing and interacting the data information of the switch lock.

This kind of passive lock can be specifically applied to cabinet doors, well covers, etc. of various equipment in the electric power industry. The lock core is designed to achieve a safe and reliable protection level. Stay away from security problems caused by violent unlocking.

In addition, the passive electronic lock management system combined with the Bluetooth electronic key can also synchronously manage information such as the identity of the operator, working time, and key authority. The above content can be monitored in real-time through the mobile phone APP and the cloud platform to prevent hidden dangers. When the key is inserted into the lock, the key will supply power to the lock cylinder, and at the same time, the internal microprocessor of the lock cylinder and the internal chip information of the key will mutually authenticate, and the assigned tasks (coding, closing the lock, patrolling, reading the lock, etc.) can be executed after passing. The system software reads the key operation log through the mobile phone APP or Bluetooth adapter and saves it to the system database to facilitate the administrator’s query.

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