The Sustainable Development Of Smart Passive Locks In The Power Industry

In recent years, as the demand for smart management by power grid companies has gradually deepened, more smart lock suppliers hope to seize the blue ocean market of electricity and open up a favorable prospect. However, no matter how good a product is, it should serve actual business applications. Therefore, in reality, while solving user needs, improving cost performance is the way to the sustainable development of power smart locks.


Since the power passive smart lock entered the market, users have gradually developed from the first curiosity to the doubt about the function, and from the doubt about the function to the doubt about the business application. The attitude towards new products is becoming more and more pragmatic.

Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Safety: Electricity safety is no small matter. Due to the particularity of the power system, how to ensure the security of data is a difficult problem for users. At the same time, locks are the first line of defense for the safety of electric equipment. Strengthening the safety performance of locks to support the good operation of the equipment is a problem that electric smart locks cannot avoid.

Life: Compared with traditional mechanical locks, the life of smart locks is also worthy of attention. In order to meet the needs of management and safety, the lock must have the function of communicating with the outside and have the conditions for power supply. However, the passive lock itself has no internal power supply, which can prevent the life of the lock itself from being affected by the service life of the power supply in the lock.

Stability: The stable operation of intelligent passive locks is a key link to support business realization, and at the same time, it also has a certain impact on subsequent operation and maintenance.

Cost: At present, the penetration rate of smart locks in the power industry is not high. Due to the constraints of the market and technology, excessive prices are also one of the factors that hinder the full promotion of power smart passive locks.

Therefore, smart lock suppliers not only need to meet the needs of users but also need to consider the performance of the lock in an all-round way to maximize value and provide users with the best quality service.

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