The Security Challenges Faced by Airports

With the development of the aviation industry, it currently faces not only the problems faced by all industries, but also many original and unique challenges. The first is the problem that every business face: employee theft, property crime, and information security. This is a point that all companies are paying close attention to. The special challenges faced by the airport include: passenger and employee safety, management of access levels and cargo theft. But these can all be solved by the Vanma smart lock system.


Management of access rights

In today’s threat environment, it is critical to ensure that only authorized persons can enter restricted areas. The one that can do this is the Vanma smart lock system. Vanma’s access control management system can meet the needs of the aviation environment.

  • Department management: The airport has many departments, and the authority of each department is different. Airport managers can individually set permissions for employees in each department in the Vanma smart lock system to facilitate centralized management. Moreover, even in the same department, different permissions can be authorized, which is flexible enough.
  • No wiring required: This is undoubtedly convenient for the airport. The airport is open 24 hours a day and covers a large area. If an ordinary smart lock system is installed, wiring is required. Wiring will not only hinder the daily operations of the airport, but a large amount of wiring also increases costs. Moreover, once passengers accidentally damage the wires, it will cause the access control to lose control and cause losses.
  • One key to unlock multiple locks: Airport employees have more than one working place. They need to travel to and from different terminals. If the locks in each terminal are different, if you need to carry different keys, it will cause confusion in the keys and is not easy to manage. But the Vanma smart lock can use a key to unlock all the locks that are authorized.
  • Blacklist: There is a large flow of people at the airport, and employees may lose their keys when they travel to and from the workplace. If someone picked up unscrupulously, it may cause damage to the airline’s property.

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