The School of Town Choose Vanma Smart Lock to Protect the Safety

Due to the small size of the town, there are only two schools. Therefore, the safety of small-town schools is of concern to everyone.

In the past, everyone in the technical centers of these two schools would have 40 keys. If the key is lost, all cylinders must be replaced and all keys must be replaced. The cost of each lock is around US$4, that is to say, it will cost at least US$160 each time the lock system is replaced. This situation often occurs throughout the year, and even happened 10 times a year. This is not a small expense for the school.

The School of Town Choose Vanma Smart Lock to Protect the Safety
In order to avoid the above situation, the leaders of the town decided to replace the school locks with the Vanma smart lock system. After talking, the school leaders and the town leaders agreed that Vanma smart locks can meet their needs, even far away. Exceed their expectations.

Benefits of Vanma smart lock:

The first is the key loss problem that school leaders have been worried about. Vanma smart lock has a blacklist function. When the key is lost, the manager can directly set the key to the blacklist state. The key in the blacklist will not have the authority to open any locks. Therefore, all the manager needs to do is to buy a brand-new key instead of replacing all the locks. The second is the number of keys. Previously, every employee in the technical center had to carry 40 keys, which not only led to their low work efficiency, but also increased the risk of key loss. Even because there are too many keys, employees cannot find the missing keys in time. But the Vanma smart lock system can unlock multiple locks with one key. Therefore, each employee only needs to hold one key. When the key is lost, employees will find it in time. There is another feature that completely exceeded the expectations of the leaders: flexible authorization. In the Vanma smart lock system, the administrator can grant different access permissions based on the identity of the visitor. Because there are often construction personnel on campus, after setting permissions in the system, visitors can only open the lock within the specified time period. The rest of the time, they couldn’t open the lock normally even if they had the key.

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