The Role of the Access Control System

An access control system is a system that controls the entry and exit channels. It was developed on the basis of traditional door locks. Traditional mechanical door locks are simple mechanical devices. No matter how well the structure is designed or how strong the material is, people can always open it in various ways. Key management in many accesses (such as office buildings, server rooms) is cumbersome, and if the key is lost or someone is replaced, the lock should be replaced with the key.

In order to solve these problems, there are electronic magnetic card lock and electronic password lock. The emergence of these two locks has improved the management of the inlet and outlet channels to some extent. Channel management has entered the electronic age, but there are these two types. The constant application of electronic lock, their defects are gradually exposed, the problem of magnetic card lock is that the information is easy to copy, card and card reader with large wear, high failure rate, low safety factor. The problem with password lock is that the password is easy to leak, unable to check the password, the security factor is very low.

The access control system is the key to security and accountability. To replace the traditional mechanical lock cylinder into an intelligent lock cylinder with the function of storing information does not require a power supply. It is powered by the key when the lock is unlocked (the key has a circuit structure), thus saving cost on wiring. The implementation of the accountability system relies on this smart key, which cannot be copied, and the key is written into the owner’s access rights of each key, as well as the lock access time. This makes it clear who visited and when, and the problem can be traced back to the individual. Therefore, it is also the best choice for security management.

“The access control system is the key to security and accountability.”

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