The Role of Intelligent Electronic Lock in Bank Security Construction

Financial security concerns the national economy and people’s livelihood and is a key issue for the banking industry. As an important part of the bank’s trunk, vault and access door, locks have become the top priority in the bank’s scientific and technological research and development.

In terms of practical banking security measures, a complex set of unlocking methods is not only relatively dangerous but can also cause human failures. Especially in the use of the key to unlock the process, but also to ensure that outsiders can not enter the situation.

JWM intelligent electronic lock system has two sets of independent of each other in security verification mechanisms, but whether the power supply system power failure or another fault, if you want to unlock the intelligent electronic lock, will have to pass through a Bluetooth connection process and intelligent equipment, such a process, can be direct to every one of the key user identity verification, and at the same time without permission validation can be directly put an end to outside of the first line of defense. However, for intelligent electronic lock system, there is another major feature, that is, the setting of the management responsible person. By optimizing the system software and the lock unlocking process, the bank staff must be verified by the management responsible person when using the key. But this kind of way can ensure the door guard to unlock in time, others can play an effective supervision role, but also can realize the true identity is the person, not the key. To ensure that any problems can be traced back to the person in charge in the first place, and the responsibility can be traced to the most basic position in a timely manner.

At present, intelligent electronic lock system has great progress in technology, and the design, the concept has also appeared in many excellent ways and methods. In particular, some Banks are prone to loopholes in the entrance guard, trunk, Treasury and other design aspects of conceptual innovation, but also to create a more secure defense system. All of these will improve the security of the banking industry’s security facilities to a large technical level, but also for depositors’ data and property security to provide adequate protection. No matter from which aspect, the intelligent electronic lock system can be said to be the most secure and effective intelligent lock management system, and has become the main security defense system of many Banks.

In a word, the emergence of intelligent electronic lock system brings more secure protection measures to the bank and also eliminates security loopholes caused by human factors. No one other than the principal has direct access to the verification system. And the intelligent electronic lock connected with the intelligent system can make the bank realize real-time verification even if there is a power failure, so as to provide more adequate security for the safety of all important departments.

JWM intelligent electronic lock, no matter what way to unlock the lock, all need to be authorized by the administrator, otherwise, it can not unlock the lock, which is the advantage of intelligent electronic lock. The intelligent electronic lock adopts hexadecimal 12-bit code, three layers of password and protocol protection, which cannot be cracked at present. In the case of a lost key, the administrator can delete the operation in the background, even if someone else found the key can not unlock the lock.

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