The Plain Facts about Airport Access Control Systems

Airport safety management is an important part of aviation safety management. The safety and management of the airport area, especially the safety control and management of the flight area, cargo area, oil depot area, airport control room and terminal building, are directly related to the air Safe and normal operation of ground protection.


However, with the influx of large numbers of people, safety is critical to airport operations. With the help of a powerful access control system, it is essential to prohibit unauthorized persons from entering sensitive areas.

In airports, various key sensitive areas need to be protected, and only authorized personnel should be allowed to enter to ensure the safe operation of the airport. These areas include aprons to avoid obstructing the take-off or landing of aircraft; hangars to prevent any aircraft from being tampered with; data centers that store important information; and traffic control towers that control the flow of aircraft. Be sure to carry out strict access control in sensitive areas.

In addition, modern airport has a large number of retail stores and duty-free shops, which contain a large number of valuable commodities. In crowded public areas, it is important to protect goods from theft.

The emergence of passive electronic lock systems has solved such problems.

The passive electronic lock system can assign unlock permissions to the keys according to the unlock management needs, thereby controlling the access of personnel. The permissions include the list of locks that the key can unlock, the user holding it, the unlocking date and time period. Users who have not been granted the unlocking authority cannot enter the sensitive area. When the relevant staff unlocks and enters, you can clearly see the unlock record in the management software, including the unlocking personnel, unlocking time, lock status, etc. At the same time, it is also convenient for managers to assess management and accountability for accidents.

Passive electronic locks are similar in appearance to mechanical locks and are easy to install. Passive electronic locks adopt various standard sizes, which is very convenient to transform. Just replace the original mechanical lock cylinder with a passive electronic lock cylinder of the corresponding size.

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