The New Security Level of The Museum

A large number of artworks and collections are displayed in the museum. It has important and diverse collections in zoology, anthropology, fine arts, local and overseas archaeology, and geology. According to statistics, the museum has more than 1 million items in total. Of course, not all of these items will be publicly displayed, only a small part of them will be used for display.

Both the displayed part and the stored part need to be properly kept. The Vanma smart lock system protects these collections.



With so many precious cultural relics stored in the museum, the museum needs a safer and more modern door lock and showcase lock. Although there are two different door locks, they need to be integrated in one system for easy management. The museum’s requirements for the new system are:

  • There are enough lock types to meet the needs of different scenes in the museum
  • More flexible key management
  • Ability to integrate with existing access control systems
  • Try not to damage the original structure of the museum, because there are many traditional fabrics in the museum, which cannot be damaged
  • The cost cannot be too high. Because there are more than 170 doors in the museum, the cost of the credit card system is between 3,500 and 8,000 US dollars, which is not a small expense for the museum, and it is not even affordable.


After bidding, the museum decided to use the Vanma smart lock system. The Vanma smart lock system is a wireless system, powered by a key containing a battery.

All keys will be assigned to everyone by number, and will be activated at the beginning of their working day, and will expire at the end. Therefore, during non-working hours, the key will not have the authority to open any locks. If the key is lost, the administrator can add the key to the blacklist through the system, and the lost key will not have the authority to open any locks.

All key data will be retained for the museum team to track and access the audit trail of keys and doors, facilitating the management of the building.


  • Cost saving. The cost of Vanma smart lock is much lower than that of the card swipe system. And its installation is very simple, the same as the traditional mechanical lock. And no wiring is required during the installation process. It can also be installed without damaging traditional buildings.
  • Through flexible permission settings, managers can easily manage key access for employees, businessmen, cleaners or other contractors.

“Our staff like it very much. It’s much easier than the old system. Every morning, people don’t have to bring out a large number of keys, they only need to bring out one of their own. Because this key is enough to open them All the locks in the permissions. And we can customize the access time, this system has raised our security to a whole new level.”

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