The “New Security Guard” Of The Bank

In conventional wisdom, the only safe place to put your money is in the bank. But have you ever wondered why banks are safe? What security measures do Banks take?

Financial security concerns the national economy and people’s livelihood and is a major concern of the banking industry. As an important part of the bank’s trunk, vault and access door, locks have become the top priority in the research and development of bank-related technologies. The passive electronic lock designed by JWM is the highest security grade solution recognized internationally. Due to the use of a variety of intelligent authentication methods, and the use of the world’s most secure passive lock key mode will make the security of banking service institutions to a higher level.

In terms of real-world banking security measures, a series of complex lockpicking methods are not only relatively dangerous but also potentially malfunctioning for human reasons. Especially in the use of the key to open the process is to ensure that outsiders can not enter the situation. And JWM intelligent electronic lock system can completely eliminate this security hidden trouble. Despite the existence of keys and other facilities, but can automatically record a series of lock-unlock information. Before the lock breaker prepares to unlock, it is necessary to apply to the person in charge through the management system for lock breaker permission. After passing the lock breaker permission, the mobile phone will be connected to the smart key. The smart key will record the information of the lock breaker and the time of lock breaker. So as to ensure the security of the process of unlocking in the bank.

The emergence of intelligent electronic lock system has brought more security protection measures to Banks, and also put an end to the security loopholes caused by human factors. No one other than the principal has direct access to the verification system. And the passive lock core connected with the intelligent system can enable the bank to realize real-time verification even if there is a power failure, so as to provide more adequate security for each important department.

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