The Management System of Equipment Defect in Power Distribution Room in Winter

In winter, electrical secondary equipment maintenance work is particularly important. Seemingly cookie-cutter repeated and repeated winter safety inspection, patrol, and terminal box maintenance has its special significance and role. It can be said that for secondary circuits, the contact area (such as terminal block, junction box) is often a weak point, failure is good, a problem is often disastrous.

1. The distribution room shall establish a defect ledger and timely register equipment defects and their treatment.

JWM electronic lock management system can record the time when inspectors arrive at each distribution room through the system, passive lock, electronic key, and mobile APP. Unlock records are uploaded to the passive lock management system via the Bluetooth function of the electronic key and the mobile APP. At the same time, the management system can set the inspector’s unlock authority, that is, the operation and maintenance personnel can only open the authorized area of the distribution room lock, and a key can open more than one lock.

When the operation and maintenance personnel encounter an emergency in the process of inspection, they can upload the incident information to the management system through the mobile APP without paper registration, so the information record is more accurate and the reporting efficiency is higher.

2.The operation and maintenance personnel in the distribution room shall have a comprehensive grasp of the equipment operation, timely find the equipment defects, carefully analyze the causes of defects, and take positive measures to eliminate the defects as soon as possible.

3.According to the specific situation, equipment defects are divided into the following types:

Serious defects: may cause personal injury, equipment damage, and power failure. The situation is critical and requires immediate attention.

Major defects: have affected the work efficiency of the equipment, cannot meet the normal operation requirements, or will occur in a short period of time to threaten the safe operation of the accident, due to the emergency, must be dealt with in time.

General defects: local impact on safe operation, is the equipment with disease work, will lead to failure, must be dealt with as soon as possible.

4.The operation and maintenance personnel shall write down the defect situation in time after discovering the defect, and put forward treatment Suggestions. Major or above defects shall be reported to the superior immediately and dealt with according to the severity of the defects. When the equipment has general defects but does not affect the safe operation, the monitoring should be strengthened, and analysis and accident prediction should be made according to the specific situation of defects.

5.The time limit for the elimination of defects is generally stipulated as follows: the serious defects shall be eliminated within 24 hours; Major defects shall be handled within 1 month according to their severity; General defects can be included in the quarterly or annual overhaul plan for handling or eliminated in routine maintenance.

The ideal is to stick to the post in their own work, due diligence, using scientific means, the use of intelligent electronic lock management system to strengthen the terminal box screen cabinet terminal row inspection to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.

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