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The History of Security Locks for Doors

The History of Security Locks for Doors

Since the early days of modern civilization, humans have had a sense of security to protect valuable things such as property. House security is the first step for mankind to guard the safety of their property. Door locks and keys have been an important part of human civilization for centuries. As human civilization has progressed, the types of door locks have evolved and upgraded.

The oldest prototype of door locks known to mankind dates back to about 2,700 years ago and was discovered in the ruins of an ancient Egyptian palace. The Egyptian wooden pin lock, consisted of a bolt, a door fixture or attachment, and a key.

The Romans, on the other hand, used Egyptian technology as a benchmark and developed protective locks with projections inside, using iron instead of wood.

two Romans lock

In 1778, Robert Barron invented the double-action tumbler lock and patented it. Had offered a reward of £200 to find the collection unlocked

three double-action tumbler lock

In 1784, Joseph Brama upgraded and improved Robert’s lock with a cylindrical key, a highly secure lock.

four cylindrical key lock

In 1818, Jeremiah Chubb invented the Chubb detection lock. It was a lever lock that contained a re-locker inside so that once someone forced entry, the lock would jam and the key could only be inserted to reset the lock.

five detection lock

In 1848, Linus Yale invented the first tumbler lock, the prototype of the modern pin-operated lock

six tumbler lock
Today, most of the world’s door locks were invented based on these engineers’ locks. The contemporary era is one of rapid technological development and the human demand for quality of life is increasing, thus making smart door locks a popular contemporary trend.
seven smart lock

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