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The Features of Industrial Padlock

Industrial padlocks have been widely used. Most industrial padlocks consist of a lock beam and lock body, but there are also functional differences.

Secure Password

Safety pins are a critical component of industrial padlocks. Once the key is inserted into the industrial padlock and turned, the safety pin will align in place. The more safety pins an industrial padlock has, the more protection it has against being unlocked.

Laminated Construction

These industrial padlocks are stronger than their counterparts. Laminated construction industrial padlocks are made of multiple layers of material.

Heavy Duty Shackle

Industrial padlock shackles are key components. Industrial padlocks with weak shackles are not very secure. May crack or break under stress. Therefore, heavy-duty shackle industrial padlocks should be selected. For example, shackles composed of boron alloys are heavy duty shackles. They are stronger and more resilient than those made of traditional metals.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is another feature of industrial padlocks. Most of them contain iron or iron alloys in their structure. These iron compounds can cause corrosion when exposed to oxygen. So locks with zinc coating are more durable. The zinc coating will protect the body of the industrial padlock from corrosion.

Impact Resistance

You may also want to choose a crash resistant industrial padlock. Some industrial
padlocks can be compromised by impact. Crash is an unlocking process that
involves the use of a crash key. For a higher level of security, look for
industrial padlocks with built-in crash protection

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